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       Infinit Possibilities Inc. was created to help cover expenses for medical equipment (DME). Miranda came up with the idea from her own experiences, growing with both her sister and herself having disabilities. She saw how some of the medical devices/equipment was only partially covered by insurance or not at all. This is especially a problem for patients that have recently entered young adulthood and wish to have some independence. 

the team

Miranda Watson- Founder/President


I was born in St. Paul MN and grew up in North Dakota. I have had spina bifida, which is a neurological birth defect that resulted in physical disabilities, since birth. My sister was also born with similar disabilities. Growing up, I experienced first-hand the difficulty of acquiring the necessary equipment. Once I turned 18 I realized just how much these supplies cost even with insurance and Medicaid. I remember starting to receive bills for remaining balances for the equipment. Trying to get on Medicaid was a very stressful experience.


One of the hardest things about adulthood was finding out that some of the financial assistance my parents received stopped being available to me once I became an adult. After that it was a bit of a balancing act to figure out the most affordable products and how much would be covered.


Seeing how my parents struggled and how much I and other patients entering young adulthood struggled, made me realize that they could use some help. My goal is to help people entering young adulthood to be able to find some level of independence.

I studied business and psychology which taught me the basics of marketing and starting a business as well as helping me to understand people. I then started a job at a financial company. 

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Infinit Possibilities Inc

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